Erin the artist??

I had a whole long post about this. And I mean loooong. I decided to delete and start over because I was doing too much dancing around the topic. It was hitting a bit too close to home. Over the past couple of weeks I have had the blessing of meeting new people and invariably the topic of work comes up. Either indirectly or directly the other party in the conversation learns that I know how to put two pieces of fabric together. And lately these strangers have all used a word to describe me that I would have never ever in a million years used: Artist. 

Yorktown Grange Fair 2013

Well, it's the official start to the Fall season here in Yorktown as the Grange Fair closes for the  89th time! An annual tradition in Yorktown, the Grange Fair website says: 

As Westchester County’s only true country fair, “planting” is of course appropriately descriptive of the Grange Fair. Because, in addition to carnival games, rides and foods, the Grange Fair also celebrates Yorktown’s agricultural heritage every year with livestock, produce, flowers, and baking exhibits and competitions.

Come ride the ferris wheel, watch baby chicks being hatched and sheep being shorn, snack on funnel cake and cotton candy, walk through the livestock tents, or listen to one of the many local bands performing on the main stage – the Yorktown Grange Fair is a unique, family fun experience with lots to see, do and eat for people of all ages.

And of course the Grange wouldn't be complete without all the exhibits. One of my favorites is the Lego exhibit, but that's for another blog.

This year I decided to enter two quilts that I had done this past year. The first one is known as my 'Apex' quilt. Named after the pattern that the quilt is based on. 

My Apex quilt

Last Spring we got in some cool quick patterns and this one intrigued me. Instead of just taking a panel or large piece of fabric and just sewing borders around and around this one had a bit more of a design element. It was just a but different than the usual. So I decided to go for it. And I mean it seemed easy enough, right? HA! The sewing part wasn't at all difficult and sure there were no major blocks that had to be pieced, but picking the colors was a bit more challenging than what I had originally thought. And believe it or not, the binding was the hardest fabric to pick: It touched almost every single fabric in the quilt. I had to find just the right color so it wouldn't get 'lost' against some fabrics or be too harsh against others. I have never, ever had so many problems choosing a binding before. But I finally settled on the dark brown solid and I think it compliments the colors nicely.

My second quilt in the show was a bit more involved than the first.... I had been working on a bunch of 'Twister' quilts. Twisters are just pinwheels using this cool ruler:


Twister Rulers are available at Fabric Mart, come on in anytime to take a look at the ruler and see all the fun you could be having!

And several quilts ago I figured out that you could easily take those little pinwheels and make really cool designs when laying them out. So I picked something that gives a nod to my Irish American heritage (and since at the time St. Paddy's day was right around the corner and all we were thinking about at the store was corned beef and cabbage.) I made this quilt top:

My twisted clover!

Both of these quilts were a ton of fun to make and presented their own unique challenges. But I'm happy with how they came out. If you want to take a closer look they will be at Fabric Mart for everyone to enjoy. 

And now for some shameless bak patting, here are my quilts with their ribbons. 

My Apex quilt won a Blue Ribbon

My clover quilt also won a Blue Ribbon as well as Best in Class!!

Back in action!

My last blog post was about how I was so run down and un inspired that I hadn't sewn anything in a long time (like a week or two in my world.). Of course the universe had something to say about all this- as it usually does, and sent in Judy to intervene. Judy is wonderful. She makes beautiful things and is always so precise! I want to be that precise! But that's a different blog for a different day.... But Judy had come in with this great little quilting project that I couldn't help but get excited about. It was just a square of quilted fabric, bound, folded and turned into the cutest little bag. I couldn't believe how awesome this little bag was and was just the right kind of project to kick my butt back in gear.