Pinwheels and Friends

If you're on our email list you've already heard the spiel from me about Pinwheels and Friends and you might be sick of hearing it by now but I think it's important to make sure the word really gets out there... Pinwheels and Friends is coming to the Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco on January 30th and 31st and I want to make sure you know what it's all about. Pinwheels and Friends was the brainchild of Maria Tamoaka, owner of Pinwheels in Croton, NY. It was her vision to see all the local shops get together and do a 'Shop Hop' under one roof. All of us hanging out together with the items that make all our shops unique. In this smaller setting we can really spend time hanging out with our customers without the phones ringing and just spend time with you while you browse all the different shops and check out all the samples hanging up around the room. 

Each shop is asked to bring with them a 'mini class'. The classes are designed to show each participant a different technique or project that you can try out before taking on a whole project. Each shop does something unique to them and helps students learn about products or patterns that inspire. This year I will be teaching a mini class on how to do those "sausage style" pillowcases. We will be making them in fun juvenile prints so each participant can decide if they want to bring them home or to donate them to ConKerr Cancer; a group that makes and distributes pillowcases nationally to children's hospitals. The local chapter of ConKerr Cancer provides pillow cases to the Maria Ferreri Children's Hospital.

Of course there are door prizes, games and more to be had and if that wasn't enough we are dragging along Pfaff Educator Barbra Bathe to do an all day class making tablet totes. In the class we will be using In-R-Form batting (a fun batting alternative that adds cushion and form to projects), a jelly roll and of course what kind of class would it be if we didn't personalize our tablet tote with an embroidered monogram?? It's going to be a fun day with plenty of breaks built in to get your shopping and socializing done. And if you're not too exhausted after a day of creativity, stick around for the jelly roll races!! If you don't know what a jelly roll race is, check out the video below to get a sense of what's to come:

Look at all the beautiful fabrics Jenny Doan has used to make her samples. Start working on your speed and accuracy to get those quilts done!! 

Just a word of warning: I will be participating in the jelly roll race, so who's going up against me  :-D

And then once we're done racing it's time for the all night pajama sew a thon. For those who are a bit of a night owl like I am, this is a fun way to stay up, get some sewing done and hang out with other people. Away from the shop, away from the family and really get your sewing on.

I've already booked my room for the event. I will be staying right at the Holiday Inn all weekend, so why not join me? We're sure to have a great time!!


Happy Sewing!,