Oh the Mystery!

As I sit here on my couch drinking a cup of coffee aI keep thinking it's been a long, long time since I last posted a blog. I don't know why. Maybe I was just too busy sewing and running around to sit down and do some typing. But the New Year is in full swing and in typical Erin style I started it off frazzled and determined to get it all back on track.

If you've been to shop in the last couple of weeks you probably noticed piles and pile of fabrics and squares and cut pieces and sewn pieces. And you've seen me pulling my hair out and going crazy!! And if you've asked me what I've been working on, my response until lately has been, "I don't know!". How could I not know? I've been working on a mystery quilt. Here's a brief run down of what a mystery quilt is for those who are not 'in the know'... I had no idea what I was making. I did not know what the final design was going to be. I just knew what the quilt was supposed to finish out to and the suggested colors and yardage requirements. Every week (for this mystery quilt it was on Fridays) a new 'clue' was released. We were all told how to make a certain block or aspect of the quilt and how many of those pieces to complete. At the end of all the clues was the big reveal- we were finally shown what we had been making the entire time!

For this mystery quilt I went with Bonnie Hunter who is a maven of working with scraps and doing scrappy style quilts. If you've never checked out her work, it is magnificent. And this quilt we all did together was no exception. Her directions were great but I will tell you the piecing was intense. This is going to be a large quilt with many, many small pieces. 

Since I don't have mine done yet (I have most of the pieces, I just need to start assembling them into a quilt top) you can CLICK HERE to check out Bonnie's blog. She has tons of great free patterns and plenty of patterns that you can purchase. The quilt I've been working on is the 'Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt' and all the steps are posted on her blog still if you want to check it out and get them printed off before they're removed. 

Here is a picture of one of my blocks. Of course I had to change a few things to make it a bit more 'me' and calm it down a bit. My eyes were going CRAZY looking at it. And I must say, in person it really goes together very well:

photo-2 copy.JPG

I must say that I had a great time sewing all those pieces together and all those seams I really put my machine and my skills through their paces. For any quilter out there I highly recommend a mystery quilt. And now that I've been through one, maybe, just maybe we call all do one together. 

Happy Sewing and until next time!!