Dog Days of Summer

It's been pretty boring around here lately... Everyone is away on vacation, the juices of creativity have started to slow down as we all switch over to back to school mode, and the humidity is terrible things to everyone's hair. But the cooler days and chilly nights of fall are right around the corner and we are ready to go with some cool new things. 

First of all we've been working on some stuff in the background and that includes now being able to sign up and pay for classes online! How awesome is that?? As of right now we are offering a table runner class in the beginning of October and the September Kids Clubs are available to sign up online. We are so excited to finally offer this convenience to you guys!! It is something we've been talking about for weeks now and some serious time had to spent behind a computer screen instead of in front of a sewing machine but we're finally doing it! 

September is National Sewing Month and Pfaff has introduced a great sale on specialty presser feet. Each week a different selection of Pfaff feet will be on sale, 20% OFF. This week the feet are: Non stick foot with IDT (great for sewing all those pesky vinyls and laminated fabrics.) The Bi Level top stitch foot (FANTASTIC for sewing quilt binding by machine.), the Right Bi Level topstitch foot (another favorite of ours) and my ALL TIME FAVORITE FOOT OF ALL TIME.... The Narrow Edge Foot. If you've bought a machine any time in the last 10 years and asked us what feet you must have, you already know I've suggested the narrow edge foot. It is such a multi use foot... topstitching, sewing down trims, under stitching, stitching in the ditch, the list goes on and on. 

Narrow Edge Foot with IDT

So why not come in and see what all these feet can do for you and your sewing projects? Or sign up for one of our classes (and by sign up I mean sign up right here on our website of course!)

Or just come on in and see what we've got going on... I'm working on a fantastic dress for Halloween that you'll all just love!