13yr old Guest Blogger

Hi! I'm Abby, and I'm a guest blogger. I decided that I want to tell you guys about the awesome time I have had, and still having, making a beautiful white cape with Linda. 

When I first chose the cape I am making, I really didn't know how to sew anything than a kind of straight line. But apparently I didn't care that I was horrible at sewing, and went ahead and chose a bigger project than just a 5 minute pillow. After i decided which cape I wanted, Linda helped me with color and which material would be best to use. We decided on this beautiful cream white colored fabric, and got right down to business. You know, after figuring out the pattern and reading all of the directions, and getting confused again. After we had all of the pattern pieces cut, we placed them on the fabric and started to pin. Linda and I both had our share of cutting out patterns and fabric, while I did a majority of the sewing. Linda did most of the pinning, because I decided that I was horrible at pinning, and she was way better at it. Each time I had to sew something down, I got really nervous because again, can't even sew a straight line. But Linda was able to get a couple feet with guides on them, and helped me with all of it, And I needed a lot of help... But I was able to sew a couple of straight stitches, and managed somehow to get all of the pieces together without using duct tape, which was a miracle in itself. I had a lot of trial and errors, mostly errors, but we were able to have a nice seam, and I was actually able to do a bit of top stitching to make it all nicey nice. I am extremely happy with how it looks, although it does have really broad shoulders and we left shoulder pads in the 80s for a reason. But over all, it does really look great and nice, and I would have never known what I was doing if it weren't for Linda, who also happens to be my grandmother, so it was really nice to be able to work on something together. Ok, so, bye!