Quilting Club- What happened??

Many of our wonderful customers come in to hang out and get help with their sewing and quoting projects and many customers  have found what they were looking for in our drop in classes. We have two separate classes: Sewing Club and Quilting Club. Both classes operate on the same premise. You come in, you find a seat, you tell us what you're making and we help you get it done (that's the goal anyway!). 

It all started many, many moons ago... We needed to offer sewing classes. Our customers were asking for it and it's something the store had offered for many years. But Anita, the previous owner of the store and teacher of all that was sewing related had to leave the store quite quickly and suddenly due to some personal issues and we were left with no teacher who could take her place. Between Linda and I, we figured we could pretty much cover anything that came in the door and thought that with a more relaxed setting we would have some more freedom to run the class the way we wanted. And so the token fee of $5 and the idea of drop in style class was born!! Sewing club has had it's ups and downs through the years, but for the most part Sewing Club was a success. People could work on what they wanted, at a pace that they were comfortable with and the pressure was off. 

Fast forward a bit of time and more and more quilters were coming into the shop and needed help. Thankfully we had Carrie, and Carrie is an encyclopedia of quilting information. So we talked to Carrie and Carrie was excited to start her own drop in style class that had it's main focus on quilting. And so now we had two drop in classes. Sewing Club on Thursday afternoons and Quilting Club at night. The original Quilting Club was the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, 7-10 pm. Quilting Club was always a little bit longer that Sewing Club due to the fact that it was only twice a month. And Quilting Club and Sewing Club went along their merry way just like that for many years...

However, both classes became so full that they became more of a hinderance than anything else. Sometimes there were so many people in either class that no one could get anything done. They would get packed, and there weren't enough seats and people were complaining so what else could we do but open up another day for each of these classes?? So Monday Quilting Club was born and so was Tuesday Sewing Club. And we were busy but by diving the classes there were less people at any one time and everyone seemed to be much happier. Fast forward another year or so and...

Quilting Club saw a drop in attendance. A class that was once so full that not only did we have to open another session during the day, but Quilting Club at one point was every Wednesday night and we had to bring in more staff. Now while Sewing Club had gone through some of these growing pains at times, Sewing Club was only held during normal business hours and we didn't have to bring in any extra staff or anything. So when enrollment dropped in Sewing Club or Monday Quilting Club, the staff that was on hand was re directed to helping customers or doing other work around the store. Wednesday night was a different story all together and since attendance was so low we had to do something to change it up.

So we dropped back down to only twice a month for that evening class and we increased the class fee. Well, attendance seemed to even out and things were going along fine, but there were other issues. And one of them was that Carrie was getting spread a little thin and couldn't make it to teach a couple of classes, which meant that class had to be cancelled. 

Realizing that Quilting Club was not in any position to withstand the ups and downs of a drop in style class and was totally dependent on Carrie, as a group we decided that something had to change. So we decided to change the day to Thursday. That way, the store was open anyway and we could drop the fee back down to $5, we didn't have to bring in any staff just for Quilting Club and the lights are on anyway because the store is open. And because we have staffing on Thursday evenings, if something happens and Carrie can't make it, it's easier for us to find coverage so we don't need to cancel the class all together. 

So there you have it folks, the long story of what the heck is happening in Quilting Club.

If you have any questions about Quilt Club, or any other classes that we offer please call us any time or you can email us through our Contact Us page.


Happy Sewing!