Get Creative. Day 1


Get Creative Day ONE!

I made it to Jersey safe and sound... Only a little extra wear and tear on my nerves from the traffic. But otherwise in tact. And of course Pfaff has done a wonderful job of showing beautiful samples of embroideries and projects to inspire. I would like to take you through my day here at Get Creative. 

It's a long one, so bear with me....


Getting ready for the presentation of the new creative sensation pro we're all taunted with a brand new machine sitting in front of us, that we're not allowed to touch! Can you believe these people? You put something new and swanky in front of me and I can't just start hitting buttons. The nerve of some people. I always love these meetings. I mean, I hate the driving part, and I really don't like the fact that they make me sit for hours on end. But the new products and the new promotions always get my blood pumping and get me excited to get home and show you guys what I've learned. 

Well, as we begin we go over the agenda and do some intros that include the guy from Sweden who led the team that developed the creative sensation pro. Which is just really cool. And now onto the fru fru stuff... Ya know... Business is good, let's look at some numbers... where the industry is headed. Blah, blah, blah... All important stuff to know. But boring nonetheless.

But then we get to the FUN PART: New machines and new products!! Of course first and foremost is the new Top of the Line sewing and embroidery machine from Pfaff. But I think here I should just show you the launch clip:


All I can say is wow! It is a beautiful machine. For right now, I have to sit to through learning about the differences between the creative sensation and the creative sensation pro so I can't sew yet. :-(

The select 4.2 is coming back! A high end mechanical machine that now includes LED lights, IDT, Easy Select System and more. We were so upset when the earlier version of this machine left the market. But now it's back! YaY!

The new powerquilter 16.0 looks like a dream to quilt on... It's the new sit down quilting machine from Pfaff. It has so many optional accessories, I can't wait to get on it this afternoon and really see how it sews!

6D Software is looking like a HUGE upgrade from 5D, but we'll get to more on that tomorrow after I spend all. day. long. learning about it.  I have such mixed feelings about these things. I love learning the new stuff. I hate sitting all day. I really, truly hate it. But we're gonna try to keep having happy thoughts!

And now onto the new embroidery stuff... New designs and a NEW metal hoop for 'older' and current machines! If you own a creative 2.0 and up there will soon be an update for your machine so you can recognize the new hoop. And let me tell you, this hoop is awesome. No more 'hooping'! The hoop itself is metal and includes magnets that hold your project in place. But I will get to play with that one later as well.

Now that we're on to the specials for the new creative sensation pro it looks like a great package that they've put together for YOU. From now until December 31st (think Christmas!) the machine will include a gorgeous swarovski crystal bracelet, a crystal stylus, embroidery designs and so much more. A value of $800 will come with the machine! Holy cow. There are also some great rebates and financing promos coming up through Ocotober and the end of November. Serioulsy, this is gonna be a great time to buy a machine. Keep an eye out for emails in the coming weeks to keep you in the loop. I can't wait to offer you guys these great plans to help you get the sewing machine of your dreams.

And on that note, there are some awesome machines coming up next year and they've let us know now so we can work on clearing out our inventory to make room. You know what this means, right? We're already working on some great packages to clear out our entry level machines (read: hobby machines and entry machines. The young sewer in your life will have an affordable opportunity to get a great sewing machine that will last them many years.)

So now we get to go to lunch. And I have to tell you, for the first time in a long time the lunch at one of these things was actually good. Not just edible. A nice assortment of salads and cold cuts. But you're not here to read about my lunch, are you?

After sitting through a whole presentation about the powerquilter 16.0 it's finally time to play!! This. machine. is. awesome. Now that we've learned all about the features (besides just 1500 stitches per minute and 16" throat) and gone through the basics of threading it and how to mess with things like tension (it's a little different and on this type of machine you're actually supposed to mess with the bobbin tension. I don't know if I can do it.) we got to play a little bit. I already know what kind of package we're gonna be offering, and boy oh boy is it gonna be a sweet deal... But you'll have to wait a bit to get the details on that one. But for now we get a quick break and then it's off to play with the new creative sensation pro!!


I've said it before and I'll say it again- When you work in a small retail store you don't get much time to just sit around. There's always something to do.... Fabric that needs to be put away, a floor that needs to be swept, running to grab the phone. And if you are sitting it's never a restful sitting down. You're either on the computer or you're on the phone or you're sewing something. So to spend this much time listening to lectures and doing Q&A sessions, I'm getting a bit tired. But have no fear, there is FREE COFFEE EVERYWHERE!!!!

Now onto the really, really, really fun part... the creative sensation pro!! There are a few pretty fantabulous upgrades from the creative sensation to the creative sensation pro (and sorry, there will not be an update for the creative sensation to bring it to pro level. You'll have to purchase the new machine.) and one of the best ones is the ribbon folding technique:

Another one is the increase in our stacking stitches. Pfaff has added 6 new pairs of stacking stitches as well other fun and purely decorative stitches. I love Pfaff. They added a stitch that looks like a cup of coffee with steam coming off of it! OMG! On another note we also have a new all metal hoop. You read that right. Metal. You know how you hold the fabric in place? Magnets. Freakin' magnets. I don't have to 'hoop' my fabric. I don't have to 'hoop' my stabilizer. I don't have to 'hoop' a darn thing anymore. My life has been drastically changed. Have no fear, there will be an update available for current Pfaff creative owners for their machine to recognize the new metal hoop. I was able to iron stabilizer to a ribbon and embroider down the ribbon. Without hooping it. Or the stabilizer. I can't emphasize this enough. No hooping!!

Well, wish me luck on my way home. And make sure to think happy happy thoughts that I can make it back here at 8am tomorrow so I can learn all about 6D embroidery software....

Happy Sewing!!!!