Get Creative. Day TWO

well, here I am. In New Jersey. Again. This time class begins at 8 am so I had to leave the house by 6 to make sure I had plenty of time to navigate, get lost, get found, get parked and get here and set up on time. Of course the rain started just before I got here and traffic slowed almost to a halt. But there is one thing that rocks in Jersey: Gas prices. I filled my tank right off the Highway and it still cost me only $30. Well, now that everyone seems to be getting here, it's time to get started! And don't worry, the coffee is already flowing freely... I think I'll be able to stay awake today.

As we've started to go through some of the features and benefits of the 6D software, there are a few things I feel like I need to point out:

1- 6D software is for EVERYONE. The software is not specific to Pfaff owners. Any brand of embroidery machine can use this software.

2- even 4D customers can upgrade this time! Typically upgrades would have only been offered to people who owned the last system... Not this time, guys! So if you have an older computer and need to upgrade your computer you'll also be able to upgrade 4D to 6D instead of buying 6D outright.

3- You can also purchase upgrades online, just be sure that you choose Fabric Mart as your dealer!

But now that we got that out of the way it's time to start learning how to navigate through this thing. And my derrier is beginning to ache already. And I know, from past experience that Kathy is not going to let us go early. She runs a tight ship when she's doing software training. And please, no one tell on me that I doing something other than software right now... shhhh....

Now that we've opened the software we have already learned a few things that are freakin' awesome. There is a place to check whether the software is installed comptelety. Awesome! AND when installing the software you don't need to do the whole machine set up process. When you plug the machine in, the software can automatically recognize your machine. FANTASTIC!

Now we're getting into some of the knitty gritty stuff with windows and operating systems and what nots, and I have just learned that 38% of computer owners are using windows 7 and 33% of them are still using windows XP. And as of this spring, microsoft will no longer support windows XP so going forward many of our customers will NEED to upgrade their computer and when they do that they will NEED to upgrade their software. I hope I don't have too many upset customers....

Back on the ranch we've been scoping out how explorer & 6D get along. With the upgrade you don't actually need to 'open' an embroidery design to send it to your machine! You can view it in an explorer frame, right click on it and send it over right from there!! This is huge people... This makes things so much easier and faster...

But for the rest, I think the best way to see what I'm doing is through pictures:

This is what we see when we open the program up. The program opens quickly and easily and the over all appearance is a little easier to follow. It looks more like office now...

Here you can see we have some old modules as well as new one. That quilt block module looks like a good time:

The new fonts are awesome and in general easier to find. No more will we need to click on each font and load it into the hoop to see it. We have an idea of what they look like before we even type in a letter!!



We can also connect right to the FAQs online and the purchasing center!


Now we're working in the Monogramming wizard and the look and the feel of the whole wizard is so much easier! Look at what I did with a few clicks:


Oh. My. God. We have 'drag and drop' in 6D embroidery. I think I'm gonna faint! One of my favorite features of the new operating systems in general and Pfaff finally caught up with the rest of society!! Be still, my heart. Be still...



And encore got even better and easier!!

So let me show you what I did with it-

And now we're running through the express design wizard. An awesome module that allows you to take simple pictures such as clip art and turn them into embroideries. Here we've taken a photo of a simple star:


And now we not only turned that shape into an applique, but we were also able to import some RJR fabrics and see what it will look like when it's done:


The quilt block wizard is new and *fun*. I was able to set up the software to fill a quilt block with my choice of fill shape, block size and how heavy I want my quilting. There are a ton of options to make the quilting in the hoop easy, fun and personal. There are so many options... I can't take it... Here you can see the design we worked with:


Off to lunch- wish me luck!

.... Lunch wasn't as good today as it was yesterday. Kind of a disappointment. But now that there are a bunch of people still at lunch, I have an opportunity to take some photos of the samples hanging around the room. All of these were done using 6D software:

<<<<< I am supposed to insert a little gallery of photos of items that were made using the software. On a very personal note: I am exhausted. I promise I will get these up later, but I really wanted to get this post up as promised. So for now, you'll just have to promise me that you'll come back and view them another day. maybe tomorrow. Most likely on Saturday. Promise? Good! <<<<<<<<<< 




And we're back! Now we're onto the 'official certification' process where we learn how to demo the software. But of course the demo is more about learning the key features of the software more than just memorizing the steps to show it to customers. I'm really looking forward to getting down to the real nitty gritty of this thing.

Of course we launch right into design creator. I mean... it looks scary...

Look at all those icons and symbols, and I gotta be honest. I have no idea what they all mean. But have no fear, Pfaff is here! With some really simple explanations and getting used to where everything is it's really not as bad as I thought it was. So now that we've been walked through some really basic digitizing. And I mean basic. we took a simple shape, just a little petal looking thing...

We added some stitches, took a simple shape, a couple of punctuation marks, used our encore feature and voila!


And then we went even further with the software


And as if that wasn't beautiful enough, they had us add some quilting to it... OMG!



But don't worry, that's not all I learned today... teeheehee... You'll have to come in and see more. If you wanna see how I did all this cool stuff, just call the store or email me, or even just leave a comment below. I'd love to set up a time so you can come in and take a look at all the awesome 6D has to offer.

Happy Computing!