Every day customers call with questions about the services we offer or our products or just basic sewing information. Here we've begun compiling a list of the most basic and frequently asked questions we get. We have set this up as a 'blog' post so that you can leave your questions and comments at the end.  

We love to hear from you guys, so please, post away!! 

  • Do you repair sewing machines?

We do repair sewing machines. We repair all make and models of sewing machines. From your grandmothers sewing machine that you just pulled out of the attic to the one you bought last month because you figured the one in the attic was too old and broken to use and now they're both sitting there useless. Before you get terribly frustrated with your machine and you're not sure whether it needs to be serviced please call us. If there's someone available we'll be happy to thread it up and make sure it's working for you. Of course this particular topic can be so extensive, it has it's own page on our website. For more information about our repair services and how much it costs click here. 

  • Do you sharpen scissors?

YES! Again, we can sharpen scissors that 80 years old or 8 days old. And yes... we sharpen pinking shears. The charge for scissor sharpening varies (depending on the size of the scissors) but on average to have a pair of scissors sharpened will cost you about $5.  Turn around time is about 7 business days. Scissors can be dropped off any time and we'll call you when they're ready. I'm sorry but we do not sharpen knives. 

  • Do you sell foam for cushions?

This one is a bit trickier... It depends on the size of the cushion and what the cushion is for. What we typically carry in stock is known as a 'mid grade foam' and perfect for things like kitchen chairs, counter stools, etc. But it is not recommended for couch cushions. We normally carry 1", 2" & 3" thick foam. Foam can be special ordered in a higher density for your couch cushions and will be ordered cut to the size you need. The prices can vary greatly on foam (especially for special orders.). It is recommended that you email us or call us with your requirements and we can get you an estimate for your project.

  • Do you cut foam down to size?

I'm sorry, but no we do not cut the foam to the size/shape you need. All in stock foam is approx. 24" wide and we will cut you the length you need for your project. Foam can easily be cut with a serrated knife blade. We use one blade from an electric knife. Of course when we custom order foam we order it to the size you need.  

  • I'm re-covering my kitchen chairs, how much fabric do I need?

You actually don't need much fabric at all, and re covering chairs can be an inexpensive way to really spruce up your kitchen or dining room. We usually say about 3/4's of a yard of 54" wide fabric will do two chair seats. Most upholstery fabric comes in 54"-60" wide. So it goes like this: 2 chair bottoms= 3/4 yard. 4 chair bottoms= 1 1/2 yards. 6 chair bottoms= 2 1/4 yards. 8 chair bottoms= 3 yards. If the fabric is wider or narrower, you may need less but we'll be happy to help you figure out exactly what you need. Notice we only use this formula for the seat part of the chair. The majority of kitchen and dining room chairs only have the seat part covered in fabric, if your seats have fabric on the back of the chair, we would need those measurements to help you figure out how much you need.

  • I'm making a dress, how much fabric do I need??

This one can get pretty tricky, pretty quickly. For the most part we all use patterns when make clothing for ourselves in the store. And if you're using a pattern, GREAT! Bring the pattern in with you and we'll show you how to read the back of the pattern and show you where it says how much fabric you need. If you're not using a pattern we can still help you. It just gets a bit trickier. The first method is to find a pattern that is similar to what you want to make and use that pattern as a guide to help you purchase the right yardage. If you'll be having someone make the garment for you we always suggest that you speak with them and have them tell you how much fabric to get. They should be able to tell you what they'll need to get the look you're going for. And if all else fails... we can kind of 'guestimate' based on how many 'lengths' you'll need. For pajama pants you'll need at least 2 x the finished length on 44" wide fabric + a bit extra for hems and 'oopsie' room. How much 'oopsie' room you need depends on how confident you are in your own skills. Please note: without a pattern we cannot guarantee that you won't be short on fabric or exactly how much extra you'll have. Please use your best judgement when going without a pattern. 

  • Speaking of patterns, do you sell them?

Yes we do! Our current patterns are all Simplicity and New Look, but we do have an ever shrinking collection of older McCall's, Butterick & Vogue patterns. If you're looking for a specific pattern please call us or email us and we'll be happy to look and see if we have that pattern in stock. 

  • Do you offer discounts?

We are happy to say, that we do. ALL local (and non local) guilds receive 10% off all in stock purchases. That includes Northern Star Quilters Guild, Village Squares Quilters Guild, American Sewing Guild and way too many others to list. We also extend our 10% off to all area high school and BOCES students currently taking a sewing course. Just let us know at check out that you're a proud member of a guild or that you are currently a student in a fashion or sewing program. We also offer discounts and coupons through email to all our wonderful email subscribers. If you're not on our email list you can join very easily by providing your information at the bottom of our home page.  

  • Do you offer classes?

Yes we do. And all of our class information is posted in two different ares on this website. For our ongoing drop in style classes you can click here. For our ever changing list of seasonal classes you can click here. However, if none of that seems to be what you're looking for, we also offer private lessons. Private lessons can be booked by calling the store and reserving a time that's convenient for you. 

  • Okay, I've seen a bunch of info about garments and home decorating stuff but I'm a quilter. Do you carry quilting supplies?

Of course we do! We love quilts and we really love quilting fabrics!! We carry a large selection of 100% cotton fabrics that are perfect for quilting and more. We also carry 100% cotton  Gutermann thread, Warm and Natural 90" wide quilt batting, polyester batting in both crib and queen size as well as 108" wide quilt back fabrics. We have a fairly large selection of fat quarters, quilting books and notions. But sadly we are not a 'Quilt Shop' and there are a few things we do not carry that are specifically quilting such as templates and stencils. If there is something that are specifically looking for, please call us and ask.  

  • Now that I know you have some quilting supplies, I need help figuring out how much fabric I need. Do you guys do that?

Yup. Of course just like with clothes, we tend to use patterns and can help you decipher what all those 'WOF's mean. But in case you've decided to create your own we can help guide you if you come in armed with some basic information such as what kind of block you want to make, what the finished size of the block is and how big you want your quilt to be. If you've already made a quilt and need help figuring out how much backing, batting or binding you need we need to know how big your quilt is. If you're unsure about measuring your quilt, bring it with you. We'll put it on the table and take a tape measure to it! 


This list is a work in progress and can only grow and become more comprehensive with each question you ask. Please leave a comment in the section below and we'll do our best to answer it.  

Happy Sewing!